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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Full version upgraded to 2.01

Got my phone working again!  Now that I can test on a physical device once again I was able to find a couple GLARING issues with the full version of the app, which caused an exception error immediately upon execution.  These have been fixed, and the app should run smoothly now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FREE version back up

Sorry for the confusion there.  My phone decided to quit talking to my computer, so I couldn't do all the testing I wanted to do on a physical device.  The problems should be fixed now, and the version that is posted in the Market should be stable.

As always, thanks for your patience.  Be sure to rate the app in the Market and let me know if you encounter bugs or have any suggestions for new features. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

*FREE* version removed from market, needs work

Sorry for the confusion.  The ads were causing problems, but apparently removing them isn't as simple as I'd hoped it would be.  More testing is required.  Stay tuned.  For now, the FULL version is still available and should work just fine.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Split The Check v2.0 *FREE* version available!

That's right, folks!  The best check splitting app in the world just got better - it's free! 

You can find it with a simple search in the Android Market for "Split The Check v2.0 *FREE*", but an easier way would be to download a barcode scanner and shoot this QR code.  It'll take you right where you need to go.

The full version of the app remains priced at $1.49.  If you would like to help support the development process, your purchase would be much appreciated.  If not, use it in good health. 

As always, any feedback (positive or negative) is appreciated. 

Thanks again!

Version 2.0 is out!

That's right, kids!  Version 2.0 is finally out and available for download.  You can find more information on my AppBrain page.  You can find it in the Android Market with a quick search for "Split The Check v2.0" (or by following the QR code below).

It's currently sitting at $1.49 (USD).

Version 1.0 was a good start, but this is a complete ground-up rebuild.  Some of the changes include:

- Capacity of up to 20 diners
- Groups, up to 10
- Up to 10 individual items ordered by each diner
- Up to 10 shared items for the table (wine, appetizers, etc)

Finally, the layout has been updated, to what I hope will be a more fluid and intuitive design.

Have a look and leave your feedback in the Market!  Also, since there's no way for me to respond to a Market comment, please post any complaints or suggestions either as a comment on this blog or as an e-mail.  That way I can let you know when the issue is resolved.

Here's the QR direct link to the Android Market - scan it with your Android phone.

Thanks for stopping by!