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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ad-driven "Lite" version launched!

I think this comic is relevant.

Some people just don't like to pay for apps.  I'm usually one of you, but now that I've seen how much work goes into creating a functional app, I have a bit more sympathy for the developers. 

Nevertheless I understand where you're coming from and I'd like to get this app to as many people as possible, regardless of whether or not they can pay for it.  To that end, and to avoid excluding those of you who can't spare an extra $0.99, I created a LITE version. 

If you're searching for it, it's called "SplitTheCheck LITE"  It's free, but is limited to 5 people with 5 items each, and displays a rotating ad banner at the top of each page.  It still has the same functionality as the full version, and should work nicely with small groups of people who don't eat very much.

Like an app?  Remember the developers - click on an ad every now and then! 

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