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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Official Launch!

SplitTheCheck! v1.00 broke onto the Android Market this morning at about 9:45am PST.  The development team, consisting entirely of myself and a large mug of coffee, couldn't be more proud.

This is a simple app that aims to remove the awkwardness associated with dining out with a large group of friends.  We've all been there, having a great time, loving the atmosphere, and trying to find a covert way of asking the server for separate checks.  Since no one wants to be "that guy", no one asks for it and a single giant check arrives at the table.  You stare at it, hoping someone else will pick it up and split it for you.  You rack your brain trying to remember everything you ordered so you can estimate how much you should contribute.

This simple app allows the user to input all the information straight off the receipt, break it down by individual name, and generate a simple summary for each person at the table.  It's not the fanciest app in the world, but I believe it will be incredibly useful.

This is the development blog for the application.  This is the best way to leave your thoughts, comment on features you like or don't like, things you'd like to see added, etc. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cool looking app! Is there a way (yet) to associate 2 or 3 diners (out of the 17 in your party) and give a subtotal for them? Just wondering.

  2. Not directly, but what you would do is just list all items that both of you ordered under one name.